Members & Their Vehicles

2007 Mustang GT convertible
Dennis & Jean Newton

Dennis and Jean acquired this beautiful 2007 Mustang GT convertible locally just this year (2016), and are now only the second owners of this fantastic car.

In fact, a number of Mustangs have been in the Newton stable over the years.   While Jean might be smiling found behind the wheel of her beautiful red coupe, Dennis was probably way out in front in his 1968 Green GT.

This particular GT has only 51,000 original miles.  It is the Premium Model that Ford offered in 2007, and has nearly all the options offered that year.

In 2007, Ford sold 158,200 Mustangs, but only 24,694 of them were convertibles.   And, out of all of those convertibles, only 2,347 were the black GT version with the high performance V-8 engine that powers this version of Newton’s pride and joy down the road!

You’ll likely find either Dennis or Jean, or possibly both of them somewhere here in central Florida in their Mustang with the top down just about every day of the year as long as our Florida weather cooperates!


Dennis & Jean live in the Highgate Neighborhood 
They joined the Kar Klub in 2015
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