Members & Their Vehicles

1957 Triumph TR-3, 2002 Porsche Boxster S & 1970 Pontiac Firebird
Dick & Nancy Vinal

The TR-3 became a part of the Vinal family in 2012.  Meticulously restored and further enhanced by adding numerous racing options to both the engine and the body, this TR-3 will soon be further enhanced by the addition of a hardtop that Dick hopes to have restored in the very near future.

The 1970 Pontiac Firebird was the first year’s offering within the second generation of the Firebird dynasty.   Dick initially acquired this one as a brand new car in 1970.    He later sold it to a family member who fortunately took very good care of it and added very few miles to its odometer.      In 2015, when its owner decided that it no longer “fit” his needs, Dick offered his trusty old Ford pick-up as a “trade in” in an effort to bring his beautiful Firebird back home.     Obviously his negotiations were successful!

This 2002 Boxster S was added to the family in 2007.

Dick says you just never know when one of the other vehicles may need a part repaired or replaced, thus the Porsche was added as his daily driver to make sure that part sourcing didn’t become a real boring experience. 


Dick has been participating in Kar Klub events since 2011
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