Members & Their Vehicles

1962 Studebaker GT Hawk
George Budlong

Unfortunately, George Budlong ( on the right) and his friend George Jahn are standing in front of his beautiful rare 1962 Studebaker GT (Gran Turismo) Hawk that has been in the Budlong garage since 2009.

The Studebaker Hawk series began in 1956.   In the early 60’s, Brooks Stevens was asked to give the Hawk series more of an “European” look, thus the ’62 - ’64 GT series was created.

George’s GT Hawk has the standard 289 V8 engine plus the Flight-O-Matic automatic transmission.  

A full set of working gauges, a working radio and a working cigar lighter help George quickly dismiss the time the brakes failed and the other time when the gas tank dropped to the ground.

George lives in the Brighton neighborhood.
He joined the Kar Klub in 2009
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