Members & Their Vehicles

1966 Ford Mustang
Terry & Joan Murphy

In 1966, Ford offered over 20 different colors on their ever popular Mustang.   When Terry & Joan’s pride and joy initially arrived in Jacksonville, FL from the Ford factory, it was sporting a Springtime Yellow exterior with an Aqua interior.     A previous owner elected to change the color scheme to Candy Apple Red with a black interior so that’s what you’ll find sitting in the Murphy driveway today.

The original 289 engine has been rebuilt and outfitted with a 4 barrel carb.     Recent upgrades include power brakes with front discs and a set of 15 inch wheels to transfer all this power down to the pavement.   Many hours of “tinkering” in the garage have solved most of the electrical issues and today this ‘tang is a very reliable vehicle.

Terry & Joan live in the 
Southerland neighborhood.   
They moved into Kings Ridge in 2011 and joined the Kar Klub in 2015.
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